Software Development

When I teach I try to interject as much real life experiences into my lecture. Sometimes these border on somewhat cynical, but none the less realistic (especially my project management lectures). But, these are classic and and if you stick with it, Joel has a serious good lesson in there. The best lessons learned in college are not the ones intended to be learned and learn to communicate well.

Here is part 1, part2 and part 3 of his talk.


I was catching up on some blog feeds that I had subscribed to and ran across this list of 10 great Agile websites.  I can’t argue with any of these and certainly can’t better the list.  But, I add to it…

  1. Scott Ambler’s Website – a lot of information and resources (who I am going to see speak Friday!!!)
  2. Agile Modeling – from Scott Ambler (did I mention I am going to see him speak Friday!!!)
  3. Agile Forums – some hidden gems in the discussions
  4. Info-packed Blog – I like reading this one

Also, if you want an interesting read (well to be honest I just started, but so far it is interesting) get this free book on software reuse with a historical perspective how we got where we are today.  Finally, you need to join as an associate member which I already was, but this article in System iNetwork magazine was a great introduction to many Agile concepts.
So what sites or free e-books can you recommend?

We are trying to introduce more modeling into our SDLC where I work. Where I am at I would say we are strong on requirement gathering, getting better at testing and strong on development talent. But we are weak on the design and specifically documenting the design. BTW, we have settled on the Rational Suite of tools already, so I imagine we will be using Rational Modeler.

Some time ago I wrote a paper on UML for another contracting job, but was never delivered. I found this while searching for a PDF on UML I had downloaded (and can’t find). Here is what I wrote, Introduction to UML.