Romain Guy (glad I only have to write it and not say it, the Java Posse struggle with his name every podcast) has a posting that asks Is Java SE becoming too much like Java EE?

I first read this (and not looking first who wrote it) my answer to the question was NO, it is just doing what it has to do to be relevant. When I first read that Java DB (Derby) was going to be included in Java 6 I thought what a great idea. Even though I am concentrating on the server side now because of work responsibilities, I started out doing a lot of client work. Property files, while effective, didn’t seem right to me. The idea of having a bundled database and ability to have persistence on the client side with a small overhead is nice.

And think about not having bloated, hard to read XML files. So Romain is correct and these additions are a good thing. One does need to ask why some of the deprecated methods are still in, but backward compatibility is a heavy burden.

Now, Sun make it easy to create Swing applications (you are getting there with Matisse) and the Java client may be back.