I was catching up on some blog feeds that I had subscribed to and ran across this list of 10 great Agile websites.  I can’t argue with any of these and certainly can’t better the list.  But, I add to it…

  1. Scott Ambler’s Website – a lot of information and resources (who I am going to see speak Friday!!!)
  2. Agile Modeling – from Scott Ambler (did I mention I am going to see him speak Friday!!!)
  3. Agile Forums – some hidden gems in the discussions
  4. Info-packed Blog – I like reading this one

Also, if you want an interesting read (well to be honest I just started, but so far it is interesting) get this free book on software reuse with a historical perspective how we got where we are today.  Finally, you need to join as an associate member which I already was, but this article in System iNetwork magazine was a great introduction to many Agile concepts.
So what sites or free e-books can you recommend?