October 2006

In a recent interview I was conducting with others I asked one of the questions I love to ask. What were the last two books related to SW development you read and in a sentence or two your opinion of it? After some hesitation and mumbling the candidate brought up Frederick P. Brooks, Mythical Man Month. OK, not a bad answer. Taking him on his word he had just read that. I didn’t test him, he gave a decent enought reason. His other answer was “a lot of BEA documentation”. Not very good….
However, this made me think of another piece from Brooks although I had read it a long time ago, No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering. If you haven’t read this I would encourage you to do so. Joel Spolsky in his Joel On Software blog commented on it here.

By the way, looking for a job. If you have had enough B.S. from people calling from the normal job sites take a look here. It is the Job Site from his Website Joel On Software.


I first heard about this listening to the Gillmor Gang. Jason Calacanis has sold sponsorship to his new audio and video podcast to help support the education of a disadvantaged youth. He is a big part of why I listen to this podcast and this is in no uncertain terms simply awesome! Read it about here (after the stuff about his keynote). Like he said during the Gillmor Gang, politics and changing policy is one thing, but if every person who was capable helped another in need we wouldn’t have needy people.

No I don’t get paid for this….

I am now regulary using Zoho Writer. We have also started using Zoho CRM at Vertical Company on a trial basis too.