Is anyone as confused or overwhlemed as I am with the choices facing developers today.  Now I know we all like to consider ourselves experts and masters of technologies but between Java, .NET, rich clients, thin clients, Ruby on Rails, various othert scripting languages and etc…  what is the right tool?  I have decided to do the following (this will probably, no I know it will, change).  Master Java/J2EE as much as possible, understand .NET and keep a keen eye on and play with Ruby On Rails.  I always loved Java since I started using it, it was a natural progression of C++ which I was pretty good at and didn’t have pointers.  I didn’t miss multiple inheritance and liked the platform independence.  No big news here.

When it came to desktop clients, well it is also no secret I did not understand why it was so darn hard to create a GUI in Swing.   I think I had a mental block.  Well Netbeans 5.0 came along and Matisse solved that one too.  But you still needed to add a jar file from Netbeans to your distribution.  Well, Sun does listen and they are doing the right thing.  The GroupLayout is going to be part of Mustang or Java 6.  Read this article on JavaLobby.  Proves Sun does listen to the community and know how to progress Java.  Great news!!!