Blogging SW
I am trying out some new blogging software. It is called Performancing for Firefox 1.1.1 and can be found at . If you use Firefox and have a blog, it is an excellent plug-in. One of those tools I love because you almost think it isn’t doing anything because it is so simple. But it is doing alot or better said doing what it should be doing in an excellent manner. Nothing more and nothing less.

A New Notebook
I have a new Sony Vaio notebook since last week. It is a TX series and weighs 2.7 lbs. The battery life is advertised at 7.5 hours and in my next trip to Europe will test it out! I am still trying to get use to having something this small to type on. My last 2 notebooks were a larger Dell and a 17″ screen Sony Vaio (almost 9 lbs and 1.5 hours of battery) so as you can guess this will be a big change. To the positive I believe. One very cool piece of functionality is embedded Cingular WAN technology. I signed up yesterday so I guess Starbucks will be losing a few dollars when I travel as I can connect anywhere I have Cingular connection and don’t need a Hotspot. The total sign up took about 2 minutes since I was already a Cingular customer for my cell phone service. It was working 2 hours after I called, in as I checked from home. Definitely no complaints there. Traveling to New York next week so will be the first “road test”. Be interesting to see how it works on Amtrak on the way from D.C. to NYC.

Now my new notebook combined with my Dell Axim (I won a Dell Axim for registering for a recruitment fair I never attended) I am mobile and organized. I actually have all my phone numbers, address and othe contact info in 3 places! No more worrying if I would lose my cell phone and all the numbers are gone which happened untold times before. Funny it was usually 3 AM in a bar where it was missplaced, but that is another subject.

Borland Says Bye Bye
Was cleaning up some old magazines today at home and one of the heading lines from the SD Times from last week caught my eye. I read it last week but in the stress of the week didn’t really sink in. “Borland Bails on IDE Business”. Now I haven’t used any Borland tools for almost 5 years since I worked for a company using JBuilder. But between using Turbo Pascal in my university assignments and Turbo Pascal for the first big real world project Borland was always at the forefront of tools and compiler technology. I mean the inventor of Delphi, Anders Hejlsberg, was the father of C# which is one cool language. There are rumors it will be bought by someone currently associated with Borland so I am sure the tools will be around. I wish Borland all the best in their focus on application lifecycle management (ALM).

I am currently reading a few books simultaneously. I do this, skipping among the different ones depending on mood and interest.

I am a podcast nut and listen to several different ones. They range from news, technology, sport to pure entertainment. One that I really enjoy is TWIT or This Week In Tech. Leo Laporte is entertaining to listen to, but I always loved to read and now really enjoy listening to John C. Dvorak. He outdid himself recently claiming Macs would be running Windows but still he is a joy to listen to.

So what is all this Ajax buzz about. I know… I do understand what Ajax is and can see the advantages of this model for web apps. But, is this that different than technology already used? Obvious answer is no as it does all exist. I think probably what is missing is the packaging of these diverse technologies and some good tools to help implement it. I am still working on Ruby so Ajax will have to wait.